• The project is a work in progress. So far, 23 travelogues out of 300 are available in the database.
  • Due to technical restrictions of automatic text recognition (OCR), the full text provided in our database is unreliable. However, it should still help you to get an idea of the context. For detailed questions please consult the original publication.

Quick guide

1) Full-text search (search bar)

This option allows you to search freely within the digitized travelogues. However, as automatic text recognition (OCR) is often faulty, you will probably not find all entries you are looking for. We recommend search option 2.

2) Search by keyword (sidebar):

The sidebar allows you to search for specific keywords, authors, dates, and placenames. For instance: You are interested in „rain“. Follow these three steps:

A) Go to „keywords“ and tick the box „rain“. The documents including this content will appear on the right.

B) Klick on one of them and the full text will appear.

C) Klick again on the keyword „rain“ highlighted on the left and the relevant text will appear on the right.

3) Search by year, author and/or location

In the side bar, go to „Year from“ and type the range of years you want to limit your search to. This allows you to further refine your research in the database to specific time periods. In this side bar, you can also select specific places, locations and keywords and combine them to specify your search.